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The materials

Clothing materials can be made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials. Natural materials such as cotton, wool, and silk are often used to make clothing because they are comfortable and breathable.

Synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester are often used in clothing because they are durable and can be washed.

With C by Stories we are always searching for the best materials who last the longest. Sometimes materials that sound good on paper, for example cotton, aren’t always the best alternative. It takes a lot of time, water & waste to make these cottons and therefore we are searching for better alternatives. 


Besides the materials we are also focusing on decreasing the overproducing. The fashion industry is one of the most rapidly growingindustries in the world. However, this growth has not been without consequences. One of the most pressing issues facing the fashionindustry is overproduction. Overproduction is the excessive production of goods, which often leads to a surplus of items and a subsequentdecline.

We make products that can be worn through out the whole year, we manage our production numbers every collection & we make small but worthy collections. For this reason you will not see fast fashion items in our store.