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5 ways to keep your clothes looking good for longer

Have you just bought a beautiful new item from C by Stories? Then you naturally want it to stay beautiful for as long as possible. With the right care and attention, you can enjoy your favorite clothes for much longer. We give you 5 practical tips on how to keep your C by Stories clothes in top condition.

1. Follow the washing instructions on the label

Every item of clothing from C by Stories has a label with washing instructions. This is not without reason: by following these instructions, you can be sure that you are washing the item correctly. This prevents the color from fading, the fabric from getting damaged or the garment from shrinking. Take a moment to look carefully at the label before putting the item in the washing machine.

Pay particular attention to the recommended washing temperature, the washing process and whether the item can be tumble dried. Some fabrics, such as wool and silk, have special washing instructions. Are you unsure whether you are doing it right? Then consult the extensive washing instructions on the C by Stories website.

2. Wash clothes inside out

A smart way to prevent your clothes from wearing out is to wash them inside out. This is especially true for items with a print, embroidery or other decorations. By washing the garment inside out, you prevent the print or embroidery from being damaged. Clothes with a dark colour or a delicate fabric will also stay beautiful for longer this way.

It is also advisable to close zippers and buttons before washing a piece of clothing. This prevents them from damaging other items of clothing in the drum.

3. Do not turn your clothes too often

The more often you wash a piece of clothing, the faster it wears out. Therefore, do not wash your clothes more often than necessary. For example, you can wear jeans, sweaters and jackets a few times before washing them. Are they hanging in the closet for a long time and are they a bit wrinkled? Often just airing or steaming is enough to make a piece of clothing fresh again.

Of course, you do wash some items of clothing, such as underwear, socks and sportswear, after each use. But here too, always check whether a wash is really necessary. This way, you not only save your clothes, but also the environment!

4. Use the right washing products

For the best results, it is important to use good quality washing products. Choose a detergent that is suitable for the type of fabric and the colour of your clothes. There are special washing products for delicate fabrics such as wool and silk.

Do you want to keep your dark clothes dark for longer? Then use a detergent specifically for dark laundry. This contains ingredients that prevent discolouration of the fabric. Always read the instructions on the packaging, so you can be sure that you use the right amount.

5. Dry and store your clothes correctly

Not only the way you wash your clothes is important, but also how you dry and store them. The best way to dry most items of clothing is to hang them unfolded on a drying rack. Do you still want to put an item in the dryer? Then use the lowest setting.

Always store your clothes neatly when they are dry. Fold it up or hang it on a hanger in the closet. Store delicate items, such as a silk blouse or a wool sweater, in a garment bag. This way you protect them from dust, insects and damage. With the right storage, your C by Stories clothing will stay as good as new for a lot longer!

With these 5 tips you can transform every C by Stories item into a lasting showpiece in your wardrobe. One last piece of advice: when in doubt, always read the washing label and the product information on the website. This way you can enjoy your purchase for extra long!

Why sustainable brands are more expensive but better

In a world where fast fashion has become the norm, it’s easy to forget the true cost of cheap clothing. Low prices often come at the expense of human rights, the environment and quality. Fortunately, there are brands like C by Stories that opt ​​for an ethical production process. In this blog post, we explain why sustainable brands like C by Stories may be more expensive, but are ultimately much better.

Fair wages and good working conditions

One of the most important reasons to choose sustainable brands is that they pay fair wages and offer good working conditions to the people who make the clothes. Fast fashion brands often involve exploitation, child labor and unsafe working conditions in the factories. Sustainable brands like C by Stories, on the other hand, ensure that workers earn a living wage and can work in safe and humane conditions.

By buying clothes from a brand like C by Stories, you contribute to better lives for the people at the beginning of the production chain. You can be sure that your garment has not been made at the expense of the health, safety and well-being of others. That may be worth a few euros extra, but you get a good feeling in return.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable materials

Another big advantage of sustainable brands is that they use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Fast fashion often uses synthetic fabrics such as polyester, which are made from petroleum and are not biodegradable. The production also releases a lot of chemicals and CO2. Sustainable brands consciously choose natural and recycled materials that are much less harmful to the environment.

For example, C by Stories uses organic cotton that is grown without pesticides and chemicals. They also work with recycled materials such as recycled polyester from plastic bottles. By choosing sustainable fabrics, the impact on the environment remains limited and you contribute to a cleaner planet. That is an investment in the future.

Timeless quality that lasts a long time

Cheap fast fashion is often also of poor quality. The clothing does not last long and has to be replaced quickly. That is not only a waste of your money, but also creates a lot of waste. Sustainable brands choose quality and timeless designs, so that you can enjoy your purchases for a long time.

C by Stories pays a lot of attention to fit, finish and choice of materials. The garments last for years with proper maintenance. So you may need less clothing, because you don’t have to buy something new as often. A more expensive item that you wear often is cheaper and more sustainable in the long term than a cheap item that has to be thrown away quickly.

Unique items and personal style

Sustainable brands often produce on a smaller scale and offer unique items. Instead of following the latest mass trends, they focus on timeless and versatile garments that match your personal style. With items from C by Stories you create a sustainable wardrobe that really suits you.

By choosing special designs and high quality, you prevent yourself from looking exactly like everyone else. You stand out from the crowd and radiate that you make conscious and well-considered choices. After all, fashion is also a way to express your personality and values.

Transparency and honest story

Finally, more and more consumers are choosing sustainable brands because of the transparency and honest story. At C by Stories you know exactly where the clothing comes from and how it is made. There is open communication about the production process and the impact on people and the environment.

That gives confidence and a good feeling about your purchases. You are part of a positive movement towards a fairer and more sustainable fashion industry. The brand shares its values ​​with you as a customer and thus creates connection and loyalty. You are no longer a passive consumer, but an active partner in positive change.